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Anna returns to her husband, Count Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin, a senior government official, and her son Seryozha in St. Stiva visits Karenin to seek his commendation for a new post.

After Anna writes to Karenin, she and Vronsky leave the countryside for Moscow. Even her old friend, Princess Betsy, who has had affairs herself, evades her company.

He wrestles with cownload idea of falseness, wondering how he should go about ridding himself of it, and criticising what he feels is falseness in others. At her bedside, Karenin forgives Vronsky. Tolsoty manges to bring to life a period of history now distant from ourselves and does so in a way that resonates throught the age.

These contemporary developments are hotly debated by the characters in the novel. Russia Great story, if a little russiah to read due to the odd english usage, the characters and plot are fantastic – no wonder it’s a classic! Levin resolves to forget Kitty and contemplates the possibility of marriage to a peasant woman.

We respect your email privacy. Downlaod mixture of different characters, visions and approaches to life. He develops ideas relating to agricultureand the unique relationship between the agricultural labourer and his native land and culture.

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McLean’s recommendations are the Kent—Berberova revision of Garnett’s translation and the Pevear and Volokhonsky version. She further comments on the Maudes’ translation: You can get this classic work of the late 19th century for free. The downliad is from the older Garnett translation. A rich man Konstantin wants to marry with Princess Kitty. Levin and Kitty marry and start their dkwnload life on his country estate.

Anna becomes increasingly jealous and irrational towards Vronsky, whom she suspects of having love affairs with other women.

The first instance “naturalizes” the Russian name into English, whereas the second is a direct transliteration of the actual Russian name. Levin is initially displeased that his return to his faith does not bring with it a complete transformation to righteousness.

A few of the themes features an analysis of politics and the feudal system of that time in Russia. Add your review for this title. In that poll Anna Karenina book was selected as the greatest literary work ever written.

The Romance of Lust: At the Mountains of Madness by H.

Kitty eventually learns that she is pregnant. But when Vronsky’s love cools, Anna cannot bring herself to return to the husband she detests Kitty offers to accompany Levin on his journey to see Nikolai and proves herself a great help in nursing Nikolai. At the theatre, Anna is openly downloadd by her former friends, one of whom makes a deliberate scene and leaves the theatre. A specialist advises that Kitty should go abroad to a health spa to recover.

This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat She starts to think of suicide as an escape from her torments. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Through the Postern Gate: He read, too, that Count Beist was rumored to have left for Wiesbaden, and that one need have no more gray hair, and of the sale of a light carriage, and of a young person seeking a situation; but these items of information downloav not give him, as usual, a quiet, ironical gratification.

Lectures on Russian Literature.

Later, back at home Anna becomes even more upset and a victim of isolation. They cannot socialize with Russians downloac their own class and find it difficult to amuse themselves.

At the big ball Vownload expects to hear something definitive from Vronsky, but he dances with Anna, choosing her as a partner over a shocked and heartbroken Kitty. Back in Russia, she is shunned, becoming further isolated and anxious, while Vronsky pursues his social life.

Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy: FREE Book Download

Read Online in Browser Here. Not only is the plot very interesting but so is the sub plot involving Kitty and Levin. This kqrenina use of stream-of-consciousness would be utilised by such later authors as James JoyceVirginia Woolfand William Faulkner. Anna is the jewel of St.

Anna Karenina

Retrieved from ” https: PetraHaisam As usual for writers of the past centuries, this is not just a romance, just a story. Forget War and Peace this is his best book, it is long but when reading it seems like a short book as you get caught up in Anna’s world. Really enjoyable story and so evocative of the period.

When Dolly visits Anna, she is struck by the difference between the Levins’ aristocratic-yet-simple home life and Vronsky’s overtly luxurious and lavish country estate. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Translated by Constance Garnett. Kent and Berberova did a much more thorough and careful revision of Garnett’s translation than Gibian did of the Maude one, and they have supplied fairly full notes, conveniently printed at the bottom of the page. For other uses, see Anna Karenina disambiguation. Levin feels dissatisfied at the amount of time Kitty wants to spend with him and dwells on his inability to be as productive as he was as a bachelor.

When he admits to Kitty that he has visited Anna, she accuses him of falling in love with her.