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This measures the time an agent spends while speaking to a customer. Ameyo’s revolutionary contact center technology is already helping thousands of businesses centeer customer experience delight!

Internet Protocol IP — A data networking protocol for submitting and receiving data packets over the Internet. Ring time, call center terminology pdf download time, and conversation time for trunking. The dialer takes into account the number of available agents, the number of lines, talk time and call results to determine how many calls need to be made to increase agent productivity.

Progressive Dialer — An automated dialer shows the account information and phone number on the screen after the number is dialed, but is not predictive.

More From Calmguy Chaitu. Automated Attendant downlpad Answers callers with a recording and menu choices, like an Interactive Voice system. And in the end of it all, it is surely not great to deem these call center terminologies as jargon – especially in the contact center industry and the world of customer service.

Callers choose from a menu of options using a touchtone Dual Terminooogy Multi-Frequency or voice recognition telephone interface. Voice Processing — A technology that allows computers to speak, store human voices, and react to human speech.

Hit Call center terminology pdf download — The number of connected calls as a percent of the number of attempts. Remove them from Saved?

Call Center Terminology | the Call Center Corporation

Also referred terninology as ‘Wrap Time’, this describes the time taken by an agent to complete any transaction or work for a customer after the call has ended. Occupancy — The percent of logged in time that call center terminology pdf download agent spends in active contact handling. Average Delay to Abandon or Average Time to Abandon — Average time callers are held in queue before disconnecting without an agent answering.

Specialized Contact Center Agents vs. One Erlang equals seconds of usage in one hour. IVRs use pre-recorded voice menus and prompts. For instance, a P01 grade terminoloogy service means that one percent of calls will encounter a busy signal. Longest Delay to Abandon LDA — The longest length of time a caller waited in queue prior to hanging up without being handled. Therefore, at that particular time, the agent would receive less of inbound calls and call center terminology pdf download versa.

Automatic Call Distributor ACD — Software that processes, queues, routes, tracks and reports incoming calls and tracks call center terminology pdf download statistics automatically. Callback Messaging — Callers on hold can leave a message or telephone number and request that an agent call back. Thereafter, the IVR routes the call to the most appropriate agent.

This is the ability to automatically combine voice and data at the agent desktop. Invisible Queue — A term for when callers wait on call center terminology pdf download but have no idea of the wait time.

Computer Telephony Integration CTI — Software integration that allows computer systems to interact with telephones, email, web, fax, voice messaging, etc.

Sometimes these are used to indicate that call center terminology pdf download supervisor is monitoring in the call. Working the Night Shift: Voice Recognition System — Software that uses speech recognition to dial telephone numbers automatically. Virtual Call Center — A call center that uses a distributed workforce comprised of remote agents, at home agents, or agents in various decentralized office locations that uses hosted or IP communications.

Erlang Models call center terminology pdf download Traffic engineering techniques utilized to determine numbers of facilities required in route selection, call center terminology pdf download attempts, staffing needs and other telecommunications scenarios.

Automatic Call Back — A scheduling feature in software that automatically queues a call back to a number that does not answer. ERP systems use an integrated software application to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside and outside of the organization. Conditional Routing — The capability of the ACD to route calls or contacts depending on conditions such as the call center terminology pdf download of week, time of day, agent availability, type of call, service needed, etc.

Autodialers can use predictive dialing algorithms to detect whether an answering machine or a human voice answers the call. Non-Contact — A call attempt that results in anything other than a live answer, such as a busy signal, hang up, no answer, or automated answer.

This is the person in a call center who provides additional support and technical knowledge to agents. Also remove everything in this list from your library. Split, Gate or Group — When an ACD routes calls arriving on specific trunks or handling predefined transaction types to be answered by specific agents. Subscribe to Email Updates. A synthesizer incorporates a model of human voice characteristics to create a synthetic but realistic voice. Percent Allocation — Routes contacts in a multi-location network to various sites based on user-defined percentages.

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Also known as Calling Line Identity CLIthis call center terminology pdf download a feature on telephones where you can see who is calling you before you answer. The Ameyo Customer Experience solution powers optimal customer journeys consistently across all touchpoints, channels, and interactions to nurture customer retention and advocacy. Nuisance Call — A call when a live contact is made, but no live agent is available, resulting in dead air to the customer.