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When items are added to a hash table, a hash code is generated automatically. A class may inherit several interface. What is the difference between ref and out keywords? A delegate Object is a reference type variable that use to holds the reference to a method.

When a virtual method is invoked, the run-time type of the object is checked for an overriding member. Click on the image to enlarge. What are the difference between const and readonly? Enum are used to define constants. We have lots of differences in both of them. In Cclass definition does not use a c sharp interview questions and answers for experienced pdf download at the end. For more visit http: All classes implement ICollection interface which intern implement IEnumerable interface.

Percentage of processor time spent performing JIT compilation 5. Delegate class has a signature and it can only reference those methods whose signature is compliant with the class. Such delegate objects are called multicast delegates or combinable delegates. Unboxing is also a process which is used to extract the value type from the object or any implemented interface type.

C# interview questions for Experienced in PDF, Cheatsheet

What is meant by data encapsulation? What are value types and reference types?

What is lock statement in C? How to implement an Object Pool in C. NET What is the difference between const and readonly in C. Is using of exceptions in C recommended?

C# Interviews Questions and Answers Page 1 – 01

Delegates are especially used for implementing events and the call-back methods. What are generics in C. What are the different types of variables in C? NET What are implementation inheritance and interface inheritance? Environment class in C. downloac

Constructors and destructors are special methods of every class. IO namespace provides four classes that allow you to manipulate individual files, as well as interact with a machine directory structure. NET – Here is an implementation of a very ppdf delegate that accepts no parameters Abstract classes can have implementations for some of its members, but the interface can’t have implementation for any of its members.

C# Interview Questions and Answers (963) – Page 1

Authorization allowing access of specific resource to user. C supports only hide by signature. Are private class-level variables inherited? Difference between Finalize and Dispose – C. Delegates are mainly used to define call back methods.

C introduces the considerable improvement and innovations in areas such as type safety,versioning. Features of Generics Generics is a technique that enriches your programs in the following ways:. Email Directly From C. Run time Polymorphism Run time Polymorphism also known as method overriding. What is the difference between const and readonly in C. The set property accessor is used to assign a new value.

A virtual method is a method that can be redefined in derived classes. Contains one base class and one derived class. A collection serves as a container for instances of other classes.

C# interview questions for Experienced and Freshers in PDF, Cheatsheet

The instance on which an instance method was invoked can be explicitly accessed as this. What is an Object Pool in. Objects are also called instances, and they can be stored in either a named variable or in an array or collection. A public member is accessible not only from within, but also from outside, and gives sbarp access to any member declared within the body or outside the body.

Authorization is the process of questiins access to those users based on identity. Any DataType can be declared nullable type with the help of operator “?

Implementation inheritance and interface inheritance – C. What is the difference between Array c sharp interview questions and answers for experienced pdf download Arraylist?