Google it or search on eBay. Either replugging it to make it detect new, replacing it if possible, or getting an external sound card. I think this contact pin carries one of the two terminals of the 5 DC current. When you plug headphones, the plug pushes on the connector and the sound switches from external to internal mode. I disassembled the laptop and removed the motherboard.

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Thanks for the effort but my sound still doesnt work. Either replugging it to make it detect new, replacing it if possible, or getting an hp pavilion dv6604nr xp sound card. I am sending you a thank you donation! Try reseating hp pavilion dv6604nr xp memory modules. Pavilioj, the hard drive, seen being removed in step 2, I cut the black piece of plastic off of it level to the area where it covers the pins, When I took apart my laptop i realized that plastic was covering the vent for np hard drive entirely not allowing any air flow at all.

After about 30 minutes it usually starts. Thanks for posting this online. Hi, I just disassembled my Hp dv to clean out the fan, which was hp pavilion dv6604nr xp a lot of noise.

In the step 10 you pull the black male connector from the white female base. Unscrew the screw pull the drive off and after that seat it back. How did you fix your nvidia problem? Woke up this hp pavilion dv6604nr xp and still got the blue light but pavulion is D E A D.

Dv604nr you for your time! I was going to take it apart again and check to make sure everything is intact, and working fine.

Test your laptop with only one module either one installed. I have extra power supplies. Thankfully, these wireless sticks come quite cheap nowadays. After following your guide quality I discovered that the cable being pointed to in step 10 is missing hp pavilion dv6604nr xp the socket. Did you install the CPU correctly? Just remove it from the laptop and put back in.

Any advice on repairing it is appreciated since I would love to play it in bed and read books and comics and play games. Could be bad connection between the video cable and LCD screen or monitor. If USB ports are broken, they have hp pavilion dv6604nr xp be replaced. Do have any possible solutions? I just needed to know if the problem could be something else or not. Now I need to go buy me an external wireless adapter, because I believe that this is unfixable.

You can remove hp pavilion dv6604nr xp keyboard and the bezel and get access to the fan as it shown in the step Clean up the heat sink assembly from dust. My guess is the nvidia inspector changed my bios settings.

Any way to solve this issue. Any suggestions on what I Should Look at fixing is therwe a fuse on the motherboard?

He sent his laptop to me and said if I can fix pafilion, I can keep it. Its battery is dead hp pavilion dv6604nr xp need replacement. Did you install memory correctly? I checked and double checked the only audio cable, shown in step 22 above.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

As of result, some thing wrong happen to it. My HP dv has a greenish screen with lines. How can I tell if hp pavilion dv6604nr xp failure is on the power board or the motherboard? Pavulion hp pavilion dv6604nr xp separate heatsink from the CPU? The problem now is whether or not the laptop will fry a new charger? Any hinjts would be so appreciated. On the picture I linked to, the connector shown in the unlocked position. Thank you so much — you have been a life-saver!

Probably when you removed the keyboard cover you disconnected the microphone cable. Thank you in advance.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

Just use it as is. I checked a few nearby stores, even Home Depot, but none of them has it. I believe the right arrow points to the speaker cable. My question is, what do I need to buy to replace those? Thanks for your answer, I checked the connection hp pavilion dv6604nr xp video cable and motherboard, its ok.

Enter the BIOS setup menu. Thank you for posting this tutorial, I hope i will manage to change the CPU without any problems following this hp pavilion dv6604nr xp. Take a look at this guide: With much respect, Noel.

This is a great article. They go paavilion the motherboard and screw into the top chassis.