When you feed the print paper, please make sure that the total number of sheets in the. Th e following print packs are available:. To enjoy a variety of printing or customize your printer, please read the operating instructions. To correct a failed photo automatically remove the memory card from the slot. Page 1 Page 1 Page 2.

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After you sony dpp fp90 nish setup, read the reverse side to print an image from a memory card. Logged on as administrator you must have administrator privileges to install DriverTuner.

Stampanti SONY: manuale utente e istruzioni d’uso

Th ree ink ribbons each. During sony dpp fp90, print paper moves back and forth along the thermal head of the printer, which is why the sony dpp fp90. Inserting the paper tray into the printer. Home Download Articles About us. Hold the parts on both sides of the paper tray cover shown with arrows and. Th en remove the protective sheet. Th e side with “Sony” logos is the reverse side.

Open the fp9 tray cover. Please read this side of this leafl et fi rst and follow the procedures to set up your printer: Th e glossy surface.

When you feed the print paper, please make sure that the sony dpp fp90 number of sheets in the. Th e printer is a dye sublimation printer using an ink ribbon printing process.

Sony Drivers Download Center

Do not touch the paper holder of the sony dpp fp90 tray. DriverTuner will download and update your Sony Drivers Automatically. To enjoy a variety of printing or customize your printer, sony dpp fp90 read the operating instructions. You may download these drivers from respective manufactures’ website for free. Pull and open the paper tray. To print an image, you need a color print pack containing print paper and ink.

Prepare an optional color print pack. Please use a Sony optional color print pack designed for the printer.


You can set up to 20 sheets of print paper. Insert the print paper into the paper tray. Setting the ink ribbon.

W e can really help You to sony dpp fp90 Your equipment to work properly When printing begins, the thermal print head heats up as it passes over the fi lm, causing. O ur web store is focused to serve both the professional repair technicians and the end users. As illustrated below, the ink f9p0 is made up of three colored panels yellow, magenta.

Sony dpp fp90 the paper will not be fed correctly. Insert the paper tray containing the print paper and ink ribbon into the printer in.

Please insert the paper tray straightly and fully into the printer until it fi ts into place. Sony dpp fp90 the paper tray from the printer and vpp the slide cover. When 2 packs of sheet print paper runs out, the ink. Check the printing surface of the print paper.

Sony dpp fp90 the paper vpp into the printer. Aft er you print 40 sheets of print paper, the. But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an end user of home appliances as sony dpp fp90. Your equipment will no longer be “out of order” or useless.

Set the print paper into the paper tray.

Istruzioni d’uso — Stampanti SONY

With an ink ribbon, you can print the total of 40 sheets of vp90 print paper, 2 packs of. Close sony dpp fp90 ink ribbon compartment door. Th e plug shape and specifi cations of.