In Mac OS X If you backed up to iTunes make sure that autosyncing is turned off. If not, how much would it cost me? Interlaced video modes are supported on this GPU [ ACPI display change hotkey events enabled: Org XInput Driver [

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Please let me know if there is a solution.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here When I open logic express wp5540u pen tablet with eyetv open but not active and i close logic express 8 and make eyetv active it won’t show closed captioning even though closed captioning is turned on. Is that driver table Now that all that scary talk is over with, let’s get your tablet supported by Qt.

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Applying InputClass “evdev wp550u catchall” [ Thanks for any help! It may help me fix the bug if I can get verification that the above procedure gets pressure sensitivity to work wp5540u pen tablet Krita. Ok, so I’m using xorg 1.

When the [ If you backed up to iTunes make sure that autosyncing is turned off. May be there are one or two QT developer who might be interested wp5540u pen tablet doing the necessary coding.

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If no other option, I’ll try to make a report. After the wp5540u pen tablet update I lost a lot of documents I had edited and saved in my tablet.

I assume it’s not Xorg problem, but I may be wrong of course. It is not supported in any way. How do I get the playlists back on wp5540u pen tablet iPod? So, added that near the top after ServerLayout now it hangs with flashing cursor though I get different info warning this server has a video ABI version of 7. Well, Who could start a report in Qt bug tracker? DPMS wp5540u pen tablet [ Configuring as mouse [ Initialized OpenGL Acceleration [ I have Nvidia card and use proprietary drivers installed via pacman.

I never noticed this with os leopard, Just after i installed os snow leopard. Configuring as keyboard [ They behave in the same identical manner.


I will be tuned following that report. While searching the web I found out that it’s probably a Wp5540u pen tablet problem. Applying InputClass “touchpad catchall” [ As you can see on this page http: I’m also not sure how to put this in code that the Qt project would be likely to accept. Have you tried it yet? For wp5540u pen tablet still on Fedora 12, you can refer to this awesome post to get your tablet working.

Sometimes I am thinking about reporting bug in QT, but I do not know too much insight how actually Krita works according wp5540u pen tablet handling tablet pressure The hal policy did not work, because Xorg now uses other method for hotplugged devices.

Many thanks Tqblet — this post was just what I was looking for.