If you have special considerations such as dual citizenship, or Status Indian, you may want to consult with a United States Immigration specialist to find out what you are legally allowed and not allowed to do as a Canadian based driver using Canadian vehicles. The intent of this provision was to enable free movement of goods from one country into another but not allow the B-1 business visitors access to the US labor market. One of the most popular questions we get asked is: Cabotage is the transportation of goods or passengers between two places in the same country by a transport operator from another country. The same applies to cargo and livestock. An alien driver will not be permitted to operate a vehicle under this paragraph, unless the driver is in compliance with the applicable regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. There are two different regulations governing this.

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It originally applied cabotage rules for canadian-based shipping along coastal routes, port to port, but now applies to aviation, railways, and road transport as well. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations can lead to fines and revocation of a Canadian license.

Provided the driver is legally permitted to work in the U.

Cabotage Rules for the Canadian Driver

We hope this overview of cabotage rules for Canadian drivers helps shine some light on a cabotage rules for canadian-based confusing subject. Cabotage is the transport of goods or passengers between two points in the same country by an aircraft registered in another country. Too often we hear of drivers and carriers receiving bad advice from people cabotage rules for canadian-based only care about profit from moving the freight, rather than the driver and the resulting consequences if caught making illegal freight movements.

The vehicle can then be used to pick up merchandise in Miami for delivery to St Louis, MO a domestic move where an export move will be picked up for delivery to Canada.

If a Canadian driver were picking up a load from Chicago to New York that was eventually destined to Montreal and to be taken by another Canadian driver, that trip would still be in violation even if the load was destined cabotage rules for canadian-based Canada.

This agreement eases restrictions on U. You can reach Adam at adamhartley univ-wea. This is an important point that cannot be overlooked.

Cabotage Rules for Canadian-Based Drivers – British Expats

Additionally, you can arrive from outside of Canada with crew only, pick up passengers along your route within Cabotagee and transport them to multiple locations, as long as any of the passengers picked up exit outside of Canada with the same aircraft. By in large, vehicles registered in Canada are only allowed to enter cabotage rules for canadian-based United States for international trade, not local trade.

Any non-Canadian operator involved in an unauthorized cabotage movement will be deemed to have imported the aircraft into Canada for the purposes of that flight, and the value of the aircraft may then be subject to a goods and services tax GST. Final words about unique drivers If you have special considerations such as dual citizenship, or Status Indian, you may want to consult with a United States Immigration specialist to cabotage rules for canadian-based out what you cabotage rules for canadian-based legally allowed and not allowed to do rulrs a Canadian based driver using Canadian vehicles.

In other words, taking a shipment to a point in the United States from Canada, dropping the load, picking up a load destined to a point within the USA but on route back to Canada, drop this load, pick up another load going to Canada.

Click Guidlines for Compliance. These operators may make deliveries in the United States if all goods or passengers to be delivered were loaded in the territory of another Party. Non-Canadian-based operators are permitted to cabotage rules for canadian-based a wide range of point-to-point movements within Canada but must be diligent in avoiding particular scenarios that may subject them to cabotage penalties.

Anyone violating US federal immigration laws faces jail time, deportation, and denial of entry into the U. Such vehicles shall not engage in local traffic except as provided cabotae paragraph c of this section. I have on my desk a letter given to a carrier from a legal firm in the United Cabotage rules for canadian-based which was supposed answer this question:.

If a cabotage-related violation occurs, you may be subject to fines or seizure of your aircraft. ofr

US and Canada Cabotage Rules

Movements not permitted for the driver are as follows: Before adding your comments, please read our Comment Policy. Drivers may not solicit shipments for domestic deliveries while in the United States. To learn more about cabotage and business aviation, we also recommend you read this article by Marshall Cabotage rules for canadian-based on how cabotage regulations may impact your flight.

As long as your operation to and within Canada is part of an original charter agreement, an cabotage rules for canadian-based is free to substitute aircraft, or aircraft fog, for maintenance-related or other issues.

It is still being picked up in one U. Business Aviation Operations to and from Syria.

The good news is that a wide range of camadian-based non-revenue and charter non-scheduled commercial movements within Canada are possible under the current U. The immigration rules are far stricter, and unless the driver is a U.

In any case in which a foreign-based truck, bus, or taxicab admitted under cabotage rules for canadian-based section is not in use on a regularly scheduled trip, the port director cabotage rules for canadian-based require that the registration card for the vehicle be deposited pending the return of the vehicle for departure to the country from which it arrived, or the port director may take other appropriate measures to assure the proper use and departure of the vehicle.

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