Condenser optics tend to produce more contrasty images, but at the cost of greatly enhanced film grain, while diffusion enlargers create a softer look. If you do a lot of the same type of scanning that is, for the same output medium and reproduction parameters , you could probably develop a group of settings that could be applied blindly. It was bought in about and was a current offering at that time. I don’t know how much of an issue this streaking would be in any sort of normal usage, particularly given that it didn’t appear in Train2, which is probably about as tough a piece of film as any average user would be likely to encounter. Finally, the Dark Part Protection Level prevents sharpening from being applied to dark areas of the image. At ppi, the limiting factor is the resolution of the film and the lens.

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Second, I’d like to see a control that would affect how broadly the effect is applied.

Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II Film and Slide Scanner Af Complete | eBay

From left to right, their functions dimage scan elite ii as follows:. Dimage scan elite ii that adding a subtractive color darkens the image, rather than lightening it as with the additive primary colors.

Unlike most other scanners testing with a glass plate USAF with the resolution chart metal deposited on it, showed both vertical and horizontal resolution to be very close to that figure. It’s also one though, that requires some knowledge of how color works in order to use it successfully.

The scanner is also fairly intelligent about when it needs to do perform an autofocus operation. By using our service, you agree to our use of cookies. Furthermore, the scan point is not at the glass, but usually somewhere above, different on each like item produced. Lensball Pro Review 23 May 2 Comments. Which smartphone will win this time? If you do go that route, I’d recommend getting a card with a TI chipset. Interestingly though, I didn’t feel that the Dimage Scan Elite II shared the slight softness of the earlier Minolta scanners I’ve tested, as detail and film grain seemed quite sharply resolved across the scanning area.

Here, you can set the image resolution, import a settings file from another scan, and set the output ik. This is my favorite way to quickly deal with color casts and poor tonal rendition. I have the Scan Elite and, when it dimage scan elite ii, it is an dimage scan elite ii scanner.

Thus, this option takes a long time dimahe preview or apply! Digital ICE shows different results on different scanners, depending on the particulars of each units optics and illumination system.

That being said, I scan much of my work at ppi rather than the full because the shots simply don’t warrant the full resolution of theso the lower resolution of the Scan Elite II may be just dimage scan elite ii. All for a reasonable price of between and One thing that speeds up the Dimage Scan Elite II’s operation is that tonal and color adjustments are faithfully reflected onscreen in elihe prescan image, greatly dimage scan elite ii the number of prescans you need to do before undertaking the full-res scan itself.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II Scanner

I’ll cover its features in detail further on, but csan it worth calling attention to a few of the Dimage Scan Elite II’s key features at the top of the review. They’ve held up well. Taking its performanc and dimage scan elite ii together and evaluating the package as a whole, I’d have to say that the DSEII is currently April, one of the best buys in an advanced amateur-level desktop scanner.

I’ll probably switch to Plustek when dimqge eventually dimage scan elite ii, instead of going the used route, though.

For all but high-end professional users, it offers about as much scanning power as you’re likely dimage scan elite ii need, and at a real bargain price. At the bottom of the window are the Auto Setting which tells the software to analyze the histograms and make its best guess as to the proper correction and Reset buttons. Film handling Provided in the box are two holders for slides and dimage scan elite ii dimagge.

Slide film scans were anywhere from two to five times faster than scans of color negatives. To me, it’s just that good. GEM stands for “Grain Equalization and Management,” and is a technology to remove the effects of film grain, without affecting image sharpness.

An optional APS adapter is sold separately. Digital ICE is first and foremost a productivity enhancer. The Scanner, Minolta II: The top pressure plate hooks into the bottom tray, then closes back down and latches, clamping the film flat.

Elite 2 and Elite Colours appear accurate and noise levels are very dimage scan elite ii.

Since the scanner can handle both 35mm and APS film formats, it should appeal to a wide range of experience levels and anyone interesting in digitally archiving film.