To the right of that, is “Virtual Surround” checked? Well I do not have a front panel at all so there is no front audio jack at all. Try Ubuntu before you install it Jul 12, Posts: Sun Jul 22, 2:

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Insulting question but its not muted! Make sure Stereo is selected and click the Test button to hear audio.

Ok well I do not have a front panel at all on this case to answer the first question. Was the motherboard ever connected to ga-ma770-ds3 audio front panel in the past?

ga-ma770-ds3 audio Mon Jul 23, 4: I looked ga-ma770-fs3 his manual ga-ma770-ds3 audio Gigabyte’s website; it says use headphone out for a 2 speaker setup. With your current settings you will likely have three playback devices.

Mon Jul 23, 9: Also, make sure you set Windows to be stereo.

Sound in 1 speaker only!! GA-MA770-DS3(rev. 1.0)

Not necessarily a problem not having a front panel connected. Should be in your manual under the front panel audio header description.

Wed Jul 25, 8: But still without sound!! Note that this will naturally delete all of your other changes, so make a note of what BIOS settings ga-ma770-ds3 audio may or may not have changed ga-ma770-ds3 audio you do this.

But have you ever selected “front speaker out” as your output device when you plug something in to any port? Under “Playback Device”, which option is checked?

Check and make sure that when you set the default device in the sound control panel you set it to the right device. Ga-ma770-ds3 audio motherboard is supported by Linux.

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Another test is to ga-ma770-ds3 audio plug in headphones gga-ma770-ds3 the jack and see if you can hear sound. Try Ubuntu before you install it The back ga-ma770-ds3 audio is highlighted green and pink. Tue Jul 24, 7: I’m not sure what you’re saying– are you not getting sound through the rear speakers only?

ga-ma770-ds3 audio That’s the only other hangup that makes any sense Sun Jul 22, 2: Click Properties button instead.

Thu Jul 26, Tue Jul 24, 8: So i know its not my headset cause ga-ma770-ds3 audio works fine on my other computer That setting, set as you say it is, will create 2 analog output devices in the Sound control panel.

I got this computer from a IT buddy of mine and he couldnt figure it out not sure how much time he put into it bc its not his computer was just holding it for a friend. Well now Ga-ma770-ds3 audio back to page one lost and clueless Try every port Did it and got nothing. Front Speaker out is for ga-ma770-ds3 audio sound.

What playback devices do you have listed in the sound control panel? This ga-ma770-ds3 audio tell us if the problem is Windows-related or not.