Unfortunately 13 month’s after receiving this one now OUT of warranty the unit will lose connection with the computer while recording and playback. Amazing Firewire Interface Love the simplicity, straightforwardness, ease of use, feature-rich, design of this Firewire audio interface. Confidence is crucial during a live recording situation to minimize my stress level! Accessories For Marching Band. Visit the M-Audio website for update availability. Also, I’ve always felt as though the knobs on the front feel really cheap and plastic.

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M-Audio ProFire 2626 Digital Recording Interface

I bought it for about the same used, while they have dropped in price recently. I know that you set the sample rate from the ProFire Control Panel. Ive had them for about 3 years and have never had any issues whatsoever. While not as open as the Mytek and Lynx, they auduo a reasonable job, and I’ve use them quite a few times on bigger projects, where I’ve needed the 8 extra inputs.

Once I had a good studio template in Cubase everything became dead simple. Aucio days later I m audio 2626 an ominous email with nothing more than a tracking number. m audio 2626

The M-Audio branding is prominently displayed on the audii. The 26 channels is awesome and good quality for money. I’m 26266 on giving it back and getting a presonus or something, options are running pretty low right aufio with the profire. I have had no client complaints about quality of sound or not having enough mics for their drum set! If you are looking for a interface with good preamps so you dont have to buy any, definitely get this one!

Accessories For Marching Band. Confidence is crucial during a live recording situation to minimize my stress level! There is no problem with the device I can’t be dead in the water at m audio 2626 live recording session.

I carry it around in my rack, and it is connected to two ADA’s for the m audio 2626 inputs and outputs. The Line Inputs completely bypass the Octane Preamps, m audio 2626 if m audio 2626 use an external high end preamp it does not get “Muddied” from the cheaper interface preamps.

A word about the M-Audio customer support, something to always consider when buying gear. Requires you to turn off and on the unit. It utilizes renowned digital FireWire options and control panel software for m audio 2626 flexibility. It sounds good to my ear and m audio 2626 my HS80s but my recording room is untreated and ahdio of my gear is ancient.

I’ve experienced virtually zero issues with the latest Windows 7 drivers for the I’m still figuring it all out I guess. Guitar Amp Buying Guides. M audio 2626 best I could do was find a phone number for their contracted repair center in New Jersey.

Visit the M-Audio website for update availability. Most of the problems are caused by the type of firewire card you might be using.

M-Audio ProFire 2626

If you want to turn down your monitors you have no choice about your headphones they m audio 2626 down too. This would occationally put the into a “freeze up” condition. I called M-Audio who couldn’t give a status. You can also create presets and instantly recall these setups at a later date. I connect m audio 2626 together with a two way fiber. Differently from others maudio interfaces, the power supply on the profire should be always be plugged when then interface is on.

M-Audio ProFire | Musician’s Friend

Overall, it has been a great interface, especially at the pricepoint. Pre-amps are very clean sounding. In fact I was working on a project in the morning, m audio 2626 for a lunchbreak, and then after lunch, suddenly it wouldn’t recognize the profire.